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Richard Prince

It’s a Free Concert from Now on, 2004

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Ektacolor print,
paper size: 30 x 40” (76,2 x 101,6 cm),
image size: 30 x 33 1/2” (76,2 x 85,1 cm),
Ed. 66/XXVI, signed and numbered

Woodstock revisited, where memory resides in the backlit darkness of invented mythology.


“He owns concretely. He owns the stuff of his (and our culture’s) dreams—houses, rare books, and cars—and he turns that stuff into art by hijacking their images. He acquired all that he has by taking aesthetic possession. His work, by employing a canny approach to the mediated image, takes abstract ownership of a type of imagery that deals with desire and consumption.” Dike Blair Parkett No. 72, 2004