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Keith Tyson

Parkett Paperweight, 2004

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Pebble on copper plate, partially painted
in enamel, mounted on rubber base,
3 15/16 x 3 15/16” (10 x 10 cm), ca. 1 9/16”
(4 cm) high, each piece is unique in its
combination of plate, pattern, pebble,
paint, and position, and each comes
with a signed pattern sheet showing
its specific design within the
100 different possibilities,
Ed. 75/XXV, signed and numbered

The complexity of chaos: Deceptively harnessed in ten times ten geometries.


“Faced with the contradiction inherent in the notion that the infinitude of all possibilities should be grasped by the structures of our minds and, consequently, that the expanding universe is purely an extrapolation of a finite universe, Keith Tyson devises strategies to invent rules. He neither comes up with static ‘world pictures’ nor with linear sequences of pictures. Instead he seeks completely new rules by which a major player could generate his own worlds.” Hans Rudolf Reust Parkett No. 71, 2004

$ 1,600.00


“Keith Tyson's work can be seen as an ongoing investigation into the question of how and why things come into being. Many of them investigate the physical forms and systems found within the natural world; others examine the effects of mankind on the environment, and the ensuing man-made forms and systems. Influenced as much by astrophysics and mathematics as by observation of, and reflection on, nature, Tyson's work presents a unique combination of scientific data with poetic artistry. His series of unique paperweights for Parkett mirrors his key ideas with partially painted natural pebbles, each mounted on a copper plate, and a separate, signed pattern sheet demonstrating its specific design within the one hundred possibilities.” -Artspace


> See short video excerpt with Keith Tyson about some aspects of his art.