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Pipilotti Rist

The Help, 2004

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Cut-out, 4-color print on fabric,
ca. 70 7/8 x 43 5/16” (178 x 110 cm),
with 7 straight pins (plus 7 spare pins)
to fasten it to a wall, a chair, or a table,
support, Thomas Ryner, Photo by
Martin Stollenwerk, printed by
Plotfactory, Weisslingen, Switzerland,
Ed. 70/XX, signed and numbered

Delusions of grandeur: When the help takes a rest and joins us at table.


“I keep working at my material until it resembles my own synaptic activities and mental states. Aren’t all cultural practitioners motivated and driven by the need to materialize their inner images as a means of escaping their isolation?” Pipilotti Rist, interview with Elisabeth Roth Parkett No. 71, 2004

$ 2,800.00


“ A life-size cutout of the artist herself, this four-color print on fabric is a statement of womanhood and feminism. The blood trickling down her leg alludes to menstrual cycles, mirroring the red knee-high sock covering the other, and clashing oddly with her plain facial expression and fifties-style housewife dress. Designed to be fastened to the wall, chair or table, the fabric structure of the cutout recalls an apron, as does the title The Help. Paired with the halo-like structure adorning Rist's head it becomes the stance of blessing people like a saint, yet also the gesture of helplessness, that both a damsel in distress and a child in need would perform, resulting in an iconographically complex piece.” -Fineartmultiple


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