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Olaf Breuning

Lemon Pig, 2004

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Styrofoam, ca. 9 7/8 x 9 x 12 1/8”
(25 x 23 x 31 cm),
Ed. 60/XX, signed and numbered

A hiking viking in full armor boldly beats around the bush and braves the onslaught of the new millennium.


“The subject matter is of little importance, and ultimately, what is on view matters just a little. It is always the same story: all images are of equal value, all scenarios are possible. Breuning’s motto encapsulates it: ‘Whatever.’ His works are extraordinary catalysts for interpretation, powerful scenario-machines, intriguing and visually fascinating tableaux, but at the end of the tunnel, the message is clear and unequivocal: ‘Whatever.’” Marc-Olivier Wahler Parkett No. 71, 2004


“Known for pushing the boundaries of humor and artistic practice, Olaf Breuning draws inspiration for his art from pop culture. He creates photographs, films, sculptures, and installations … including his “Lemon Pig”, that combine contemporary aesthetics with primal urges—violence, sexuality, and companionship—and the resulting work is often both absurd and hilarious. Breuning says, "Well, I would like to be perfect, but I think art shows me that whatever technology I use, my personality pushes through and there we are... something is not perfect. I like that. We are finally human." -Artspace


> See short video excerpt with Olaf Breuning about some aspects of his art.