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Wilhelm Sasnal

Concorde Is Dead, 2004

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Color contact print from engraved
negative on Kodak paper,
12 5/8 x 18 7/8” (31 x 47 cm),
Ed. 60/XX, signed and numbered

The end of an era: another flight of fancy consumed by the inexorable march of civilization.


“Wilhelm Sasnal’s economy lies in the fact that he consistently allows his viewers to share in this unresolved ambivalence and the tragic, naive longing to grasp the uungraspable. An ambivalence that might be described as the basis of Sasnal’s visual stock-taking of identity or, to repeat, as a kind of defect of the faculty of perception. Despite their easy ‘legibility’, his pictures resist interpretation while still being of great significance in terms of historical mentality, subculture and opposition.” Gregor Jansen Parkett No. 70, 2004

$ 2,900.00