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Christian Marclay

My Bad Ear, 2004

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Life-size bronze cast by
Modern Art Foundry, Astoria, NY,
Ed. 60/XX, signed and numbered

Soundseeing—A silent witness to the fugitive, but omnipresent world of music.


“A great deal of Marclay’s output, possibly the majority of it, is visual or plastic in nature. And yet even this is as much about sound recording; perhaps more so, because it concerns the ubiquity of sound in culture. Marclay’s work is about the socially inscribed ‘flip side’ of sound; it is about the very fact that I could use the phrase ‘flip side’ as unthinkingly as I just did, realizing only as I typed it that the term derives from records, and is thus infinitely apropos for use there.” Philip Sherburne Parkett No. 70, 2004