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Eija-Liisa Ahtila

Veil of Ignorance, 2003

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Pure wool jacket
with text printed on front
(mirror-inverted) and back,
handprinted silkscreen lettering by
Atelier für Siebdruck Lorenz Boegli,
Zürich, available in 5 sizes,
Ed. 70/XXV, signed certificate

Ignorance is the mirror of knowledge.


“Ahtila’s moving pictures often revolve around the house: around the objects and people that enter it from the outside and close it off from the inside. Access roads, parking places, bridges along the way, doors that are opened into the house from outside by odd visitors, curtains that keep out the light, cars that traverse the walls of the rooms, beds under which one can hide, drafts that undo everything: the picture that Ahtila conjures of a house is a fragile affair, somewhere between dollhouse and house of cards, model and construction site.” Gertrud Koch, Parkett No. 68, 2003

$ 1,800.00


“A pure wool jacket emblazoned with text on both front and back, Ahtila here moves away from her realm of experimental filmmaking and moving image melodrama to produce a truly unique multiple. "Veil of ignorance" is printed on the back of the garment whilst it is mirror-inverted on the front, making it so that it is legible for others from behind and to oneself when standing in front of a looking glass. Released with the statement that "Ignorance is the mirror of knowledge", this fascinating piece is available in 5 different sizes and published in a limited edition of only 70. The dark suits appear like an official uniform, suits of bureaucratic authority. Although portrayed by the models in poses that evoke a fashion shoot, the printed text acts as a constant self-reflexive reminder to the wearer to not relinquish knowledge for ignorance.” – Fineartmultiple


> See short video excerpt with Eija-Liisa Ahtila talking about some aspects of her art.