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Fred Tomaselli

Cyclopticon, 2003

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Surface-mounted pigment print on
Plexiglas, 12 x 12” (30,1 x 30,1 cm),
printed by David Adamson,
Adamson Editions, Washington, D.C.,
Ed. 60/XXX, signed and numbered

The anatomy of a mind spewing a tidy universe of chaotic invention.


“His signature pieces are compelling, hybrid objects: ersatz, or maybe surrogate paintings, or tapestries, or quilts, or mosaics. Their various components—both over-the-counter and controlled pharmaceuticals, street drugs, natural psychotropic substances and other organic matter, collaged elements from printed sources, and hand-painted ornament—are all suspended in gleaming layers of clear, polished, hard resin. Forms implode, explode, oscillate, buzz, loop, swirl, and spiral.—The combined effect, neither determinably real nor fully illusionistic, is at once electrifying and de-stabilizing.” James Rondeau, Parkett No. 67, 2003

$ 3,000.00