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Pierre Huyghe

All But One, 2002

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Windchime for outdoor use,
5 hand-tuned aluminium tubes,
1 3/8” (6,1 cm) diameter each,
top hanging ring 2” (5,2 cm),
black cord, black wood striker,engraved aluminium wind plate, 4” (10,2 cm)
diameter, overall length: 55 1/8” (140 cm), overall diameter: 8” (20,5 cm),
manufactured by Jeff Kile, Grace Note Windchimes, Mariposa, California,
Ed. 70/XXX, signed and numbered

Speak, memory: the serendipity of capricious winds gives the familiar a new twist.


“There is always a strong sense of performance within tales, the sense that they exist, somehow, only in their telling and this is something of which Huyghe is undoubtedly aware. ... Like Poe, Huyghe is able to present a certain degree of closure while allowing an immense and productive openness at its center, like a traveler into the unknown, prepared and yet desiring the unexpected.” Jeremy Millar Parkett No. 66, 2002