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Angela Bulloch

Horizontal Technicolour: Stills with Negative Space, 2002

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sheet: 12 3/16 x 46” (30,9 x 116,6 cm),
image: 8 7/16 x 42 7/16” (21,5 x 107,8 cm),
printed by Philippe Laumont, Laumont Editions, New York,
Ed. 80/XX, signed and numbered

Mosaic of light: a composition culled from the vast potential of untold shades of color.


“Angela Bulloch’s work is based on activating the dynamics of [the] relationship between technical possibility and cultural space of perception... the presentation always takes the shape of a mix, contains shifts in size and speed, and can therefore never be reduced to one single interpretation.” Martin Prinzhorn Parkett No. 66, 2002

$ 2,300.00


“Based on her 2002 sculptural installation of the same name, Angela Bulloch’s Horizontal Technicolour depicts an array of colored boxes, lit by interior fluorescent tubes. The lamps, which come in different colors and are digitally dimmed or brightened over time, are capable of creating a staggering number of color combinations—here, they are captured in one such moment of colorful display.” -Artspace