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Tacita Dean

The Green Ray, 2001

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Color postcard,
4 1/8 x 5 4/5“ (10,5 x 14,8 cm),
printed by Steidl Verlag, Göttingen,
Ed. 100/XL, signed, numbered,
stamped and posted in Morombe,
Western Madagascar

The enchantment of the green ray has captured the imagination of Jules Verne, Marcel Duchamp, and now Tacita Dean.


“When asked, ‘What is the relation between sound and image in your work?’ Dean answered, ‘My interest resides in this gap between the sound and the image… I require sound to have its own autonomy.’ Thus, in opposition to an approach to cinema in which the viewer experiences a sense of identification with the spectacle, Dean creates a mode of apprehension in which the observer feels at odds with what she sees. (…) The slightly disjointed relationship between the sound and image, compounded by the clearly physical presence of the projector creates caesurae, which force the beholder to return to real-time, lived bodily experience rather than that of the cinematic.” Paula Carabell Parkett No. 62, 2001

$ 700.00


“A unique, stamped color postcard sent by Tacita Dean to Parkett, Dean’s The Green Ray is a sweet example of mail art and relational aesthetics. Each postcard is signed, numbered, and mailed by the artist from Madagascar, making the work at once a kind of edition, while each piece nonetheless maintains its singularity.” -Artspace


See a short film by Tacita Dean where she speaks about the project and “The Green Ray” here