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Matthew Ritchie

The Bad Need, 2001

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Wall work, cut-out of adhesive-
backed vinyl, approx. 36 1/4 x 40 1/4”
(95,2 x 106,6 cm), to be installed at a
height of 41 1/2” (105,5 cm) o.c. on a wall surface (with a minimum size of
96 x 72” / 243,7 x 183 cm) painted
with the eggshell acrylic paint supplied
as part of the edition, accompanied
by an annotated artist’s book,
Ed. 70/XXVIII, signed and numbered certificate

The writing on the wall as universal pattern.


“Matthew Ritchie is interested in the trace, the mark, the diagrammatic and inscriptural aspects of science. Powerful abstractions of the world, these graphemes are made to intersect in his work with other abstractions drawn from popular culture: computer avatars, Japanese anime, film noir. Looking at his paintings is like being in one of Dorothy’s cyclones—one minute a one-celled organism wheels by, the next minute a sequence of skulls streams along from a school chart on evolution. All are bound together in a furiously active matrix of colors applied in umixed adjacent tones... the flat juxtapositions make it seem map-like... although there is enough play with values to destabilize that reading and create some sense of depth in the whirling forms.” Peter Galison & Caroline Jones Parkett No. 61, 2001

$ 2,000.00


“Matthew Ritchie's work is an amalgamation of information ranging from astrophysics to abstract painting. Fascinated by the tension between philosophical theories of logic and the reality of chance, Ritchie plays with mixed information as a medium, "To me, information is a kind of surface, a beauty all its own." … Sifting through everything from Judeo-Christian mythology to medieval history … such as in “Bad Need”, his wall work with an annotated artist book … he produces … intricate systems of knowledge ...“. -Artspace


> See short video excerpt with Matthew Ritchie about some aspects of his art.