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Bridget Riley

Going Across, 2001

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Silkscreen print on Somerset satin,
paper size: 24 1/4 x 36” (61,6 x 91,4 cm), image size: 16 1/2 x 28 7/8” (42 x 73 cm),
printed by Sally Gimson for
Artizan Editions, Hove, England,
Ed. 90/X, signed and numbered

Elusive illusion: no foreground, no background, no depth, no surface, and all of them at once.


“By seducing and conflating the relationship between shape and pattern, Riley’s paintings invariably compromise both the spatial arrangements that relate pattern to syntax and the autonomous boundaries that relate shapes to external referents. This persistent, subversive instability is the single constant in Riley’s practice—the attribute that keeps her paintings from devolving into dead formalism or dissolving into absent signification.” Dave Hickey Parkett No. 61, 2001