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Sarah Morris

Capital (A Film by Sarah Morris), 2001

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8-color silkscreen
on 300g/m2 Somerset Satin,
60 x 40” (151,4 x 101,4 cm),
designed by Sarah Morris/Peter Saville, printed by Coriander Studio Ltd., London, Ed. 70/XX, signed and numbered

In and out of line: look up, look through, look into the deceptive transparence of structure.


“Sarah Morris’s work languishes in the perceptual fields of late-twentieth and early-twenty-first century capitalism. This world is made of flat grids which mimic perspective while denying the phenomenal experience of the referent (of which there is none except codes and signals drawn from the language of geometric abstraction; modernist urban architecture; Op Art; the poetics of everyday life stripped of the experience of everyday life).” Thyrza Nichols Goodeve Parkett No. 61, 2001

$ 1,900.00


“Capital is a documentary film by Sarah Morris that was made during the final days of the Clinton administration in a pre-9/11 Washington, where inside access to the American government was attainable at a level unimaginable today. This large, eight-color silkscreen print was designed by the artist in collaboration with graphic designer Peter Saville, who famously produced many album covers for the British independent record label Factory Records before going on to work widely in the design, advertising, and fashion fields.” -Artspace