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Liam Gillick

Literally No Place, 2001

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5 plexiglas and 3 aluminum plates
in different colors,
8 x 10” (25 x 20,5 cm) each,
assembly ad libitum,
Ed. 70/XXV, signed and numbered certificate

The poetry of architecture: the house that Gillick built defies the conventions of presence and place.


“Gillick’s platforms—Plexiglas panels in aluminum frames—do not obey gravity and lie on the floor like Andre’s carpets of metal panels that viewers can step on. No, they are suspended from the ceiling, parallel to the floor so that viewers must tilt their heads to look up at the platforms and the way they are mounted. In his boxed and wall constructions, he uses materials like Plexiglas, plywood, pine, and aluminum as Donald Judd did before him, but without giving viewers the feeling of knowing where they stand. Instead they are awash with feelings of enigmatic and fluttering indeterminacy.” Gregor Stemmrich Parkett No. 61, 2001