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Diana Thater

Untitled, 2000

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DVD (Digital Video Disc)
with endless loop, no sound,
Ed. 150/XXX, signed and numbered certificate

Bees in hexagons, rooms filmed, brightness of shadows, and quantum physics.


“Diana Thater considers the perception of animals in parallel with a human perception which may be described as either conditioned by technology (the camera-assisted human) or as a product of it (the human wholly dependent on the idea of the photographic, i.e., as a post-human realization of itself). What is to be compared here is not the animal and the human but the animal and the apparatus, and while the work’s content may be projected on the wall, its subject is the viewer in the gallery.” Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe Parkett No. 60, 2000

$ 750.00


“Revealing Thater's desire to connect the animal world with our own, this video gives insight into the behavior of bees. Teeming around brightly colored hexagons, the creatures' constant focused activity is communicated in the looped video projection, the silent video intentionally omitting their characteristic buzzing sounds. A beautiful reminder of the interconnected nature of the universe, Untitled perfectly encapsulates the artistic intent of Diana Thater.” -Fineartmultiple