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Chuck Close

Self-Portrait, 2000

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Digital ink-jet print of a daguerreotype
original on Crane Muséo paper,
printed by Adamson Editions,
Washington D.C., 22 x 17” (56 x 43 cm), image size: 15 1/2 x 12” (39,5 x 30, 4 cm),
Ed. 70/XXX, signed and numbered

The artist’s face afloat and yet immersed in the skin-deep confines of Daguerre’s space.


“When I make someone flat I can remember that image. I have an almost photographic memory for flat things. Also, I’m really overwhelmed by the problem of the whole: By breaking it down into these little bite-size decisions, by not thinking about a face, just a chunk, I’m not worried about what it’s going to end up as.” Chuck Close in conversation with Elizabeth Peyton Parkett No. 60, 2000