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Sylvie Fleury

His Mistress’ Toy, 2000

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Size 37 women’s mule cast in
polyurethane, with integrated noise
maker (squeak), produced at
T.E.S.T Kreashens, Saugus, CA, USA,
Ed. 99/XXX; no. 1–50 (left shoe),
no. 51–99 (right shoe),
engraved signature, numbered

A shoe not made for walking. A graceful leap transforms frivolous footwear into squeaky plaything.


“Sylvie Fleury’s ‘studio work’ thus takes place in all the various realms of social added-value production and fetishization, and she whirls together—codes pertaining to fashion, art, high and low culture, models of male and female self-configuration—appropriating and playing with self-images, life-models, and forms of existence in styling and manner that in effect pulverizes every last hierarchy of sex, class, and genre.” Beatrix Ruf Parkett No. 58, 2000


“Sylvie Fleury creates seductive objects and multimedia installations that, although they might be mistaken as endorsement, present a subtle commentary on the superficiality of consumer society and its values. Referencing Marcel Duchamp’s readymades and Andy Warhol’s obsession with shopping, Fleury draws on elements from luxury clothing, Formula1 racing, contemporary art, magazine covers, and designer objects. “His Mistress’ Toy”, her women’s mule shoe is cast in polyurethane and comes with an integrated noisemaker (squeak).”-artsy


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