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Thomas Hirschhorn

Swiss Made, 1999

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Cardboard, aluminum, foil, felt, wood,
plastic, transparent foil, in three pieces, overall size approx. 86 5/8 x 19 11/16 x 3 1/8” (230 x 52 x 6,5 cm),
Ed. 50/XX, signed and numbered

The ultimate watch: a glittering lesson in mastering the millennium by exploding the fiction of time.


“Thomas Hirschhorn—an artist easily recognized for his persistent use of low-grade materials such as tinfoil, cardboard, plywood, plastic, and masking tape in his sculptural assemblages—perfectly illustrates cheapness in all of its senses. From the connotation of poor quality or shoddy standing to appearing easily made, despicable, or having little value, Hirschhorn has cultivated more than aesthetic consistency in his oeuvre. Underlying the objects that he fashions out of these meager materials is a sophisticated machine whose inner workings produce affects and interpretations that extend beyond mere formal statement. Cheap is no longer just an adjective; Hirschhorn makes it a procedure.” Alison Gingeras Parkett No. 57, 1999