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Doug Aitken

Decrease the Mass and Run like Hell, 1999

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Mirror kite, ca. 34 x 33 1/2” (86,5 x 85 cm),
tail 37 3/8” (95 cm), with poster of flying kite, 20 x 15 5/8” (50,8 x 38 cm),
Ed. 60/XX, stamped and numbered

Feather the light and cast a spell: This kite preys on reflection.


"“Aitken’s great technical mastery is obvious in the framing of his shots, the precision with which he captures the light, and the perfection of his editing, which alternates shots of nature with the motion of the machines. A sound mix of intelligent techno music provides rhythm for the ensemble of screens and images. A narrative subjectivity emerges out of this unexpected encounter, one with an ideological viewpoint on the world in all its contemporary complexity.” Christine van Assche Parkett No. 57, 1999

$ 1,900.00


“Doug Aitken's cryptically entitled multiple consists of a kite made of mylar, wood, plastic, and fabric, as well as a commercially printed poster. Designed to shimmer in the sky, the kite has a mirrored surface, clearly seen in the poster which shows it in flight. Interestingly Aitken here gives us the object itself and documentation of the object in action, harnessing something built for movement and flying in the form of an edition.” - Fineartmultiple


> See short video excerpt with Doug Aitken about some aspects of his art.