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Mariko Mori

Star Doll, 1998

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Doll with microphone, earphones,
boots, white stockings, red plaid skirt,
top in blue, black and white, transparent bracelets, yellow shoulder pads,
brooch and blue hair, 10 1/4” (26 cm) high,
Ed. 99/XX, signed and numbered certificate

Shooting star: When collective identity colides with cyber culture, the child of future is born.


“In Mori’s work since 1996 the contours and shaping pressures of the contemporary image-stream are explored less by way of the classical-modernist strategy of distanciation and analysis than by impersonation: She uses her body as a lens that captures the light of the contemporary image-stream, and through certain enhancements and exaggerations makes it clear what the image-stream really wants of us.” Norman Bryson Parkett No. 54, 1998/99