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Roni Horn

From: You Are the Weather, 1998

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Two-color silkscreen on Arches,
20 x 24” (50,7 x 60,4 cm), in wooden
frame, 20 3/4 x 24 3/4” (54,4 x 64,5 cm),
printed by Lorenz Boegli, Zurich,
Ed. 60/XX, signed and numbered

Atmospheric traces of mood: changes of climate mapped in a constellation of words.


“Horn is fascinated by Hitchcock’s attraction to women and the cinematic consequences of his lack of satisfaction; by Kafka’s hatred of fur, teeth, children, flowers, meat, and heavy furniture as a reflection of his introverted sensuality; by Dickinson’s reclusiveness and the passion that seemed to be reserved exclusively for the mundane world that surrounded her; by Pasolini’s and Polanski’s raw sensuality. Horn knows that sexuality crystallizes on the circumference of one’s being and that it is symptomatic of the center of human existence. Thus Horn asserts her place in the world by introducing her pathology into the pure geometry of the ideal world.” Jerry Gorovoy Parkett No. 54, 1998/99