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Ugo Rondinone

All Moments Stop Here and Together We Become Every Memory That Has Ever Been, 1998

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Stone from the Valle Maggia, Ticino,
Switzerland, approx. 12 x 8 x 4”
(21,5 x 28 x 14 cm), approx. weight:
14 to 20 lbs. (7–10 kg), Polaroid photo
of the stone by the artist,
Ed. 50/XX, signed and numbered

This too, too solid stone: all the world locked into the timeless embrace of the ages.


“The Pop dandy is aware of the aesthetic surfaces to which he owes his subjectivity and enjoys taking both serious and ironic stabs at it and himself. His melancholy is articulated in camp; he celebrates his longings in a lusty mix of excessive empathy and affectionate self-irony. He acts out his life in a self-devised aesthetic universe, an isolated space that is filled with the media of his longing, with the pictures and the music that he loves. There he plays a game of sentimental identification and contemplative self-detachment that allows him to enjoy his melancholy split ego.” Jan Verwoert Parkett No. 52, 1998