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Cady Noland

(Not Yet Titled), 1996

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Cardboard, lacquer-based sanding
sealer and aluminum enamel spray paint, (please note: surface inflections differ
from one piece to another),
56 x 54” (142 x 137 cm),
Ed. 60/XV, signed and numbered

Sparkling, silvered stocks—hinting perhaps at the crumbling elegance of pilloried lives?


“Imagine, then, each of Cady Noland’s installations as an entry into an ever-collecting, mortally transient, tactile encyclopedia of visceral Americana, where each entry is constructed of principled materials (for instance, aluminum), storied objects (handcuffs, rubber tires, Budweiser beer cans, bug sprayers, American flags, wire mesh baskets and fences), and embodied ephemera (Patty Hearst, Charles Manson, Wilbur Mills, Vince Foster): Art as encyclopedia, history as vaudeville.” Thyrza Nichols Goodeve Parkett No. 46, 1996