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Roman Signer

Fireman’s Glove with Photograph, 1995

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Heat-resistant glove, length 13 3/4”
(35 cm), still from a video by Aleksandra Signer, approx. 5 1/8 x 7 1/8” (13 x 18,2 cm),
Ed. 80/XV, signed and numbered

Red alert. A fireman’s protective glove plays an active role as a mock traffic signal.


“Action and sculpture, dynamics and stasis in Roman Signer’s oeuvre do not oppose each other but are rather different states of the same structure. It is a structure that displays the potential of future, energetic change; it is transformation as transient shape; it is detritus as traces of past events. The sculptural form in Signer’s oeuvre, the static object in space is expanded—liquefied, as it were—to include the dimension of time.” Konrad Bitterli Parkett No. 45, 1995

$ 2,700.00


“Roman Signer is an artist-engineer who devises actions and procedures that achieve humorous, unexpected, and aesthetically compelling results. Signer’s quasi-experiments often consist of setting off explosions, hurling objects into the air, or engineering collisions, which he documents on film and video … or in an object as in “Fireman’s Glove and Photograph”. -Artsy