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Matthew Barney

Sweet Bolus, 1995

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Cast sugar and Viratex epoxy resin
on satin ribbon with single cultured
pearl, dumbbell: 3 7/8 x 4 x 11 1/2”
(8,5 x 9 x 30,7 cm), overall length
with satin ribbon 26 1/2” (67 cm),
Ed. 50/XXV, signed and numbered

A crystallization of energies. A cast-sugar dumbbell appears as a scepter waiting to be wielded, cushioned on a white satin ribbon, studded with a perfect pearl.


“Barney’s work has always involved a carefully balanced combination of exoteric and esoteric elements, aspects that anyone can follow and enjoy mixed in with cryptic signs and personal myths almost impossible to decipher... Part of Barney’s skill lies in creating initial scenographies so compelling in visual terms that it is almost impossible for the viewer not to be drawn in by them.” Norman Bryson Parkett No. 45, 1995