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Juan Muñoz

Augenblick (Glimpse), 1995

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Hand-etched glass, the image
becomes momentarily visible by
breathing on the glass,
4 3/4 x 3 1/2 x 1/8” (12 x 9 x 0,3 cm),
Ed. 70/XXV, signed and numbered

Vanishing point. An image as tenuous and fugitive as breath on a pane of glass.


“Muñoz’s sculptures are inviable, incomplete, restricted bodies that no longer define a human, integral, and self-determined posture, but rather a semi-, pseudo-, or post-human condition in which the place of the body is less the result of the positive affirmation of a will, an individuality, or a desire than the result of a system of external spatial relations and determinations.” Alexandre Melo Parkett No. 43, 1995