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Damien Hirst

What Goes Up Must Come Down, 1994

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Ping-pong ball, hairdryer,
Plexiglas container for laboratories,
approx. ø 12 x 12” (ø 30 x 30 cm),
Ed. 30/XV, signed and numbered

Perfect control. An executive toy grown to monstrous proportions, a laboratory specimen jar houses a ping-pong ball held in suspension on the up-draft of a domestic hairdryer.


“The revolutionary geometrical ideal of the twentieth century plays the same role for Damien Hirst that the classical norm played for nineteenth century decadent art. Hirst is primarily interested in the injuries inflicted upon living reality by the canon of geometric form, that is, the violence and terror that emanate from this canon.” Boris Groys Parkett No. 40/41, 1994