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Günther Förg

Untitled, 1994

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Two-part object, consisting of one
mirror and one copperplate each
mounted on wood in Parkett format,
each 10 x 8 1/4 x 1 1/4” (25,5 x 21 x 3,2 cm),
produced by Jürgen Zimmermann, Karlsruhe,
Ed. 45/XV, signed and numbered

Reality abstracted. Lightning strikes between mirrored reality and the abstract pattern of oxidation on a copperplate, both in Parkett format.


“Förg wants to access a past seemingly sealed off. He wants to reinsert himself within an apparently completed project, but a project the success or failure of which is still very much in question. It is inevitably a melancholy and nostalgic game, and regardless of the formal elegance and seduction that Förg’s installations promise, he is always somewhat a loser. Maybe part of the point of his work is being just that, a graceful, good loser in a foreclosed historical gambit—and that way, surreptitiously, a success.” David Rimanelli Parkett No. 40/41, 1994