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Marlene Dumas

The Black Man, the Jew, and the Girl, 1993

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Triptych printed by Marcel Kalksma,
Amsterdam, in three processes on
250g/m2 Arches: blockprint in one color,
two transfer lithographs from one stone rendered in two colors, inked and
inscribed by hand, with eyes and organs scratched out, folded zigzag,
10 x 24 1/4” (25,5 x 63 cm),
Ed. 60/XX, signed and numbered

Archetypical exorcism. The crude silhouettes of street graffiti meet the painstaking processes of the handmade print, transforming familiar stereotypes into a luxurious triptych.


“Ever-enquiring into what is reflection, what is real, what is love, what is violence, what is pain, what is lust, what is presence, what is absence, Marlene Dumas constructs, like a piece of architecture, a feeling with corridors, doors, rooms, and empty spaces, many empty spaces, but without a single resting-place for the banal which is perhaps the beginning of evil: the banality of self-deception.” Anna Tilroe Parkett No. 38, 1993