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John Baldessari

Six Colorful Expressions (Frozen), 1991

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Porcelain enamel steel plate, eight
color photographic screen process print, imaged by a proprietary photographic
ceramic process, impervious to
environmental influences,
10 7/16 x 4 3/4 x 1/16” (26,5 x 12 x 0,2 cm),
Ed. 75/XX, signed and numbered

Foul or fair weather friend. This technically innovated object is guaranteed to be as impervious to the ravages of everyday life as the smile that defies misfortune.


“On the evidence of his images, Baldessari argues for the metaphysical atmosphere of pictoriality and the pictorial nature of abstraction… Thus, any image that aspires to portray the historical moment must do so by enclosing it—by stopping its pulse and suspending the laws of its nature.” Dave Hickey Parkett No. 29, 1991