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Franz Gertsch

Cima del Mar (detail), 1990/91

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Woodcut (cobalt turquoise and
ultramarine, half and half)
on Heizaburo Japan paper,
10 x 16 3/8” (25,4 x 41,6 cm),
folded, not bound in the magazine,
Ed. 80/XXX, signed and numbered

Against the grain. Every point of light on this minutely described surface corresponds to the removal of a sliver of wood. This fragment was taken from a gigantic woodcut measuring more than 5 x 6 feet (170 x 152 cm).


“In Gertsch’s woodcuts, everything makes it impossible to ‘pocket’ the image as a finite subject. One must go inside, adjust, let one’s eyes wander, orient oneself. Beyond the dimensions of the block (and the print), there is no scale.” Rainer Michael Mason Parkett No. 28, 1991