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Louise Bourgeois

Reparation, 1991

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Fabrication of printed and handcolored paper, handtorn, pierced, and sewn
with thread, 10 x 8 1/4” (25,5 x 21 cm),
bound in the magazine,
Ed. 75/XX, signed and numbered

A stitch in time. A patched and mended page in a book fuses theory with biography—the sculptor’s approach to assemblage as a reparative process and her origins as the child of tapestry-restorers.


“[Under] the psychic conditions of production in which Bourgeois works, the object is made for psychic use. For Bourgeois, cathexis is often coupled with self-representation, or more precisely, with a projection of the self onto the object which becomes its substitute.” Mignon Nixon Parkett No. 27, 1991