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Martin Kippenberger

80 Unique Books, 1989

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Printed in offset, 6 x 3 3/4” (13,2 x 9,5 cm), 260 pages, inserted in the magazine,
Ed. 80/XX, signed and numbered

Art in the age of mechanical reproduction. Unique little books, created by turning the techniques of offset printing inside out, each containing a single photograph from the artist’s collection of naughty snapshots, maddeningly reproduced through every page.


“In Kippenberger’s work visual subjects follow an order which is that of the dehierarchized way of reading the world that distinguishes the masses who have not been thoroughly cultivated from the masses who have; such as can be seen, for instance, in the anti-bourgeois order of values and importance found in tabloid newspapers and other subcultural or pop-cultural sites, where sense (and the power that feeds parasitically off it) plays no part in determining the order of priority of meaning.” Diedrich Diederichsen Parkett No. 19, 1989