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Peter Fischli/David Weiss

Record, 1988

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Record, beracryl, diameter 11 4/5” (30 cm),
Ed. 120XXVI, signed and numbered

Extended play. A household object that is fast becoming a museum piece—a simulacrum of a record from the artisans of the ordinary. For those who don’t mind ruining the needle of their phonograph, a cross-section of average disco will be audible on this acrylic “vinyl.”


“In appearance, the work of Fischli/Weiss is ironic and humorous; oscillating between game and joke, it seems to mock the seriousness of art. The artists’ combinations of things and objects, figures and actions, whether in balance or in movement, tend to restore the value of wit and playfulness to creative commitment, but their goal is to contest the claim to truth, to contest the absolutism of the art process, repudiating cleverness and replacing it with inept intentions… or removing its core… or even collapsing it.” Germano Celant Parkett No. 17, 1988