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Robert Wilson

A Letter for Queen Victoria, 1988

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Lithograph on Rives,
10 x 24” (25,3 x 61 cm),
bound in the magazine,
printed by Champfleury, Paris,
Ed. 80/XV, signed and numbered

The director’s notebook. This animated three-part lithograph is a reminder that every one of Wilson’s dramatic theater works has its genesis in a powerful, light-filled drawing.


“...by choosing theater as his medium, Wilson gained extraordinary power over the very properties which visual artists have labored hardest to represent, although it cost him the visual artist’s ordinary power to make things permanent.” Ellen Levy Parkett No. 16, 1988


“Robert Wilson has been pushing the boundaries of theater, dance, sculpture, drawing, furniture design and more … “Letter to Queen Victoria” is a three part, folded lithograph with Wilson’s signature black & white sketches for the set and light design of his homonymous opera.” -Artspace