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Gilbert & George

Gilbert & George, 1987

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Photograph, mounted on cardboard
folded in the middle,
10 x 16 1/2“ (25,5 x 42 cm),
Ed. 200, signed and numbered

Memorabilia from an art world Hall of Fame. A provocative reshoot of the classic wedding photo, the alumni portrait, the religious diptych, Gilbert & George’s stand-up self-portrait will be an asset to the mantelpiece of any self-respecting amateur.


“Gilbert & George consider themselves warriors ‘fighting for a total expression.’ They want to involve all our experiences, intellectual and physical, even the most dramatic, the most banal, the most shunned by social custom. Their daily struggle for artistic creative action becomes a metaphor of the unceasing desperate activity of man.” Mario Codognato Parkett No. 14, 1987