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Haegue Yang

Unique group of five Cup Cosies, 2011

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This group includes five unique cup cosies and documents the range and diversity of Haegue Yang’s cup cosies.
Each cup cosy consists of knitting yarn in varying colors and patterns, 100 plastic cups, approx. 27” high, diameter 4 1/8” (ca. 70 cm high, diameter 10,5 cm). Signed and numbered certificate. Please contact Parkett for more information.

No one and nothing shall ever freeze at the campfire of concept.


"If the 'aesthetic regime' of art since modernism is distinguished by art's refusal to observe the boundary between it and anything else, here the artwork invokes its primordial role of magical or cult object both as phantasmatic origin and in its role of being a kitsch commodity with no use, the sheer arbitrariness which is the contemporary state of the art object's 'aura.' "

Marina Vishmidt, Parkett 89

$ 10,000.00


“Haegue Yang’s whimsical Cup Cosies elevates craft and knitting from the realm of the domestic to that of high art. Larger conceptual issues also emerge, the 100 yarn-bound plastic cups in varying colors and patterns offering a lighthearted meditation on the perceived boundaries between life and art.” -Artspace