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Charline von Heyl

Unique group of four works with all four themes from Lacuna Lotto, 2011

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This group contains four unique monotypes with all four main themes of Charline von Heyl’s project Lacuna Lotto.
Each work: Monotype with lithograph collage, each unique, paper: monotype, Plike white 340gm; lithograph, Plike 80gm, 27 1/2 x 18 7/8” (68,5 x 48 cm), printed in 2 colors and assembled by Derrière L’Etoile Studio, New York. , signed and numbered. Please contact Parkett for more information.

FACES and still lifes restlessly weaving their thickets of motif and form.


"Von Heyl's work abides a Zeitgeist. Each singular painting has been relieved of the burden to justify its existence. The freedom gained is that which allows her to explore the limits of what comes through (from mind to hand) about who we are and what lies in the deeper reaches of the psyche. Her oeuvre charts the inconsistencies that abound."

Joan Waltemath, Parkett 89

$ 8,000.00


“This striking monotype reveals von Heyl's interest in collage as a mode of expression, brimming over with motifs both abstract and figurative as well as the semblance of printed letters. As the title suggests, this is a lottery, a random draw, inciting the viewer to fill in the gaps on the page, appealing to the arbitrary nature and unexpected connections that we have come to expect of von Heyl's distinctive work.” -Fineartmultiple