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Andro Wekua

Group of five Black Sea Lamps, 2011

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Group of five Black Sea Lamps. Each lamp: Color glass lamp with metal base, conceived and designed by the artist, glass colored and bent by glassworks GmbH, casing cut from laquered steel sheet, illuminated with 2 LED bulbs, electrical cable, fabricated and assembled by Kunstbetrieb AG Münchenstein, Switzerland, 7 1/4 x 5 1/4 x 3 1/8" (18,3 x 13,5 x 8 cm), signed and numbered certificate. Please contact Parkett for more information.

Trace the light of the lamp with your finger to feel the blackness of undulating waters.


"Maybe the problem today is that memory is no longer a question of nostalgic reveries into one's past triggered by a single photograph, a smell, or a taste. Proust's tea with Madeleine has been displaced by the internet where memory is now located in cloud servers, no longer grounded in one place or even in one's mind but adrift on the ether of digital bandwidth."

Douglas Fogle, Parkett 88

$ 10,000.00


“Andro Wekua’s installations, paintings, works on paper, which incorporate collage, pencil, and pen on photocopies, including his object for Parkett “Black Sea Lamp”, often refer to the displacement of refugees, and his own memories growing up in war-torn Georgia.” -Artspace