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Kerstin Brätsch

The complete Set of all four Parasite Patches, from Schröderline, 2011

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This group of four works includes all versions of the beautifully yarn knitted Parasite Patches made by Kerstin Brätsch + DAS INSTITUT. Each version has four different design layers (see pictures no. 2-5 on the left).
Parasite Patch: in 4 versions each with 4 design layers ( Nothing Nothing / Thus / Ä / Ö). Knitted textile patch with 4 design layers, made of custom dyed yarns, each layer 15 x 12" (38 x 30,5 cm). Designed by DAS INSTITUT (Kerstin Brätsch, Adele Röder). Program and digital knitwear by Stoll, New York. Cotton yarn by Filartex, Italy, silk/merino yarn by Cariaggi and Filipucci, Italy. To be individually attached to clothes with three snap buttons. The parsasite patch can be worn displaying each of the 4 different design layers. with signed and numbered certificate.
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Gripping urban identities: changeable, selectable and ineluctable.


"For Brätsch, demonstrative style has ... to do with the mix and match borrowings of high fashion, DIY subculture, and the manufacturing of persona found in advertising and online viral campaigns."

Fionn Meade, Parkett 88

$ 8,000.00


“These fabric multiples are typical of Brätsch's interdisciplinary practice that critiques marketing techniques and image distribution within contemporary society. This line of multilayer knit pieces can be attached to items of clothing to promote the artist's creations, in a pastiche of the sandwich board. Decomposing advertising strategies from the inside, Brätsch's works reveal different design layers, to be unfolded one by one. The work is made in collaboration with DAS INSTITUT as a joint project with fellow artist Adéle Roeder.” -Fineartmultiple