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Christian Jankowski

Christian Jankowski reads Parkett Artists Collaborations, The group of 31 photographs made by the artist in different locations around the world. , 2007-2008

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31 unique photographs by different photographers,
approx. 9 3/4 x 7 3/4” (25 x 20 cm) each,
Ed. 1/II, each signed and numbered.
For more information please contact Parkett.

He is far gone, far gone... What do you read my lord? Pictures, pictures, pictures.


“Gazing at the pieces (Living Sculptures), it is as though we see their possible states converging. We see hard, metal art products that subscribe to highbrow values of exclusivity and critique become one with an ephemerally performative form of entertainement, reflecting the pop-cultural values of accessibility and empathy; and while collectors appraise the material used in the production process, children clamber all over the figures.”

Jörg Heiser, Parkett No. 81, 2007

$ 6,300.00


“Christian Jankowski works across video, installation, photography, and the mass media formats of television and cinema… As in his series of unique photographs “Christian Jankowski reads Parkett”… his practice is largely rooted in performance and evolves out of a collaborative process. ... With a subtle sense of humor pervading his work, Jankowski explores the boundaries between art and commerce, challenging the notion of the transformative power of artistic creation as it seeps into popular culture. Known for his critiques of contemporary art production, his work engages both the social and the aesthetic.” -Artspace