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Franz West

Pouch for Parkett, unique group of fifteen pouches with all designs used by the artist, 1993

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This unique group of fifteen pouches fully documents the range and diversity of designs used by Franz West for this Parkett project.
Each pouch: Printed African fabric, chain,
10 5/8 x 9 5/8” (26,2 x 24,5 cm),
signed and numbered. Please contact Parkett for more information.

Totem tote. A Parkett-sized pouch fashioned from hand-printed African fabric is a useful article for a specific purpose.


“Despite their sedate qualities as couches and chairs, and pedestal-mounted or hand-held sculptures, Franz West’s works seem always to belie another mission, as though publicly their masquerade was quietly aesthetic, but privately their purpose was fetishist and host to some orgiastic activity.”

Jan Avgikos, Parkett No. 37