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Dana Schutz

Untitled (Head of Timothy Leary), 2005

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11-color lithograph with wood printing
elements on Rives cover white 350g/m2, paper size: 28 1/8 x 26 1/8” (71,5 x 66,5 cm), image: 24 x 22 1/2” (61 x 57 cm),
printed by Maurice Sanchez,
Derrière L’Etoile Studio, New York,
Ed. 55/XXV, signed and numbered

Leary in the sky with diamonds.


“The artist’s absurd, dreamy images stir deeply hidden anxieties: dogs lose their heads, teeth mutate into wooden stakes, gravity becomes an obsession. Everything is in the grips of being transformed or dissolved; things emerge only to fall apart again. The world is out of joint. The bizarre figures all seem somehow related; they are disturbing and of a grotesque exaggeration and ironic twist that radiates an unfathomable lightness.” Katrin Wittneven Parkett No. 75, 2005


“Head of Timothy Leary by Dana Schutz references a scene from the 1996 film, Timothy Leary’s Dead, in which the eccentric psychologist’s head is detached and placed upon ice. In Schutz’s quirky eleven-color lithograph portrayal, the head is caricature-like and somewhat self-referentially displayed like a piece of art.” -Artspace


> See short video excerpt with Dana Schutz about some aspects of her art.