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John Bock

Geometrischer Ort der 2 Mio. $ Knödelknickerbockermigränehitshitbitssoufflévisage, drin strohmulmige Isoquante touchiert goldene Bilanzregel + Insolvenzsnob. Special Offer., 2003

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Unique underpants, knitted fabric,
gold sequins, straw, silicone,
bunny droppings, migraine pill,
Ed. 60/XX, signed and numbered

Anti-Bunny Costume: the ideal get-up for close combat, all-inclusive with headache protection and the last straw.


“It is neither performance nor clearly installation, neither sculpture nor solely slapstick happening, neither film nor any known form of theater. Bock’s work is most likely a turbulent mixture of all of these—he creates exuberant, extroverted, passionate, and often forceful but always humorous and highly absurd pieces of art. The range of Bock’s artistic means is remarkably diverse; in fact, it is impossible to pin him down at all, since so much is ambiguous, cryptic, obscure, enigmatic, and mysterious.—No matter how exhausted, how worn out our world may appear, the artist confronts us with an unstoppable avalanche of visual impressions and artistic stunts, as if everything still remains to be said, seen, or heard.” Jens Hoffmann Parkett No. 67, 2003