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Tony Oursler

Talking Light, 1996

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Compact disk with artist’s voice
(running time approx. 15 min.), light bulb, sound organ kit, the light bulb reacts to
the frequency of the voice on the CD,
installation manual,
Ed. 50/XX, signed and numbered label

Force of dramatic character is transformed into pure energy. The light source, correlated to a sound organ, waxes and wanes according to the fluctuating intensity of the performed text.


“I’ve always been interested in things which are on the verge of falling apart but which still maintain their original quality. It’s a constant battle because I have a pretty low boredom threshold. At the beginning when I started looking at Structuralist films, I just couldn’t stand all that repetition. Our culture is obsessed with the whole horror-sex-violence thing. It’s a weird form of refinement, like bonsai. We love to watch it, and I’m obsessed by the fact that we love to watch it.” Tony Oursler, interview with Louise Neri and Tracy Leipold Parkett No. 47, 1996