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Sophie Calle

The Tie, 1993

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Pure silk crêpe-de-chine man’s tie,
printed with an autobiographical story,
56 5/8 x 3 3/8” (70,7 x 21,2 cm),
produced by Fabric Frontline, Zurich,
Ed. 150/LX, signed and numbered

Autobiographical story. A silken tie not only represents the first episode of a story in which a number of tasteful articles of clothing are sent to a badly dressed but attractive man; it also becomes the page on which the story itself is told.


“Like a sculptor of a past century, Sophie Calle in her art manipulates and reconfigures a commodity central to the economy of her time. This commodity does not happen to be bronze or marble, however, but information, the elusive stuff that circulates constantly between consciousness, document and cyberspace.” Luc Sante Parkett No. 36, 1993