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Francesco Clemente

Reconciliation, 1986

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Drypoint etching
on Somerset Satin,
bound in the magazine,
10 x 16 1/2” (25,5 x 42 cm),
printed by Jennifer Melby, New York,
Ed. 100/XV, signed and numbered

Bestiary. Almost disarming in their linear simplicity, these figures function like a hermetic text in which the secrets of the universe can be contained in a few elemental forms.


“The intensity of Francesco Clemente’s art is one that is never divorced from the flux of surfaces, from worldliness and its signs, from individuality and its ill- defined limits, and from the excess of action. Clemente participates not in the ‘anxiety of influence,’ but what may be justly called the joys of influence, a willingness to accept secondariness or ‘belatedness’ without pedantry or populism.” David Shapiro Parkett No. 9, 1986