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All Books with Spines specially made by artists for Parkett


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The collection of all Parkett volumes is a comprehensive and unparalleled book series and library on contemporary art worldwide. It is both an encyclopedic and a poetic source on a vast and diverse number of artists and their work and ideas; and it is a collector’s item cherished not only by art lovers, but also by artists and the world’s major museums, libraries and galleries.

The collection now includes 101 volumes with in-depth Collaborations by over 270 artists from some forty countries. It provides a fascinating survey of today’s art with over 1,500 texts and 8,000 color illustrations. To browse the library, explore the artists and authors, or read selected texts, please see the links below


The Set of all 63 Available Volumes 


Shelf by Franz West for Parkett 70,
with Set of all 60 available Volumes

The Set of all 63 available Volumes features:

· 63 volumes in Parkett’s signature book design
· 208 artists monographic collaborations, each with 3-5 texts
· 800 texts by compelling and renowned authors and writers
· More than 4000 color illustrations



The Complete Collection of All 101 Volumes 


Shelf by Franz West for Parkett 70,
with Collection of all 101 Volumes

The Complete Collection of All 101 Volumes features:

· 101 volumes in Parkett’s signature book design
· 270 artists monographic collaborations, each with 3-5 texts
· 1500 texts by leading authors and writers
· More than 8000 illustrations

We gladly assist you in finding missing, out-of-print Volumes and completing your collection of Parkett Books. Please contact:

Emma Whisler, New York



Parkett Reading Room in Beijing
(Exhibition at UCCA, 2013)

"... a catalyst for invigorating change whilst always producing the harvest of the quiet eye"

Hans-Ulrich Obrist,Co-Director, Serpentine Gallery, London

"... an engine of artistic thought and practice"

Philip Tinari, Director, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing


Parkett Reading Room at MoMA, New York (Exhibition 2001)

“…Parkett has included almost all the most important artists and critics in three decades … we hope that it will enlighten many more Chinese readers… How much we envy a medium that needs no attitude!”

Gong Yan , Editor-in-Chief, Art World Magazine, Shanghai

"Congratulations on three decades of exceptional publishing"

Sir Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate London


Collaboration Artists and More 

Parkett Artists
Alphabetically and Chronologically
1984-2017 (Vol. 1-100/101)
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Parkett does not report on art from the outside in; Parkett discovers art from the inside out. Each volume focuses on several of the world’s most compelling artists, who actively participate in creating the publication down to the selection of the visuals and the page layout. This is what a collaboration artist means to Parkett.

Besides the artists’ collaborations each volume contains an "Insert": a sequence of 10 -12 color pages designed by the selected artist. "Cumulus" gives art professionals a chance to air their views on a topical issue of their choice. Other features include "Balkon" or "Les Infos du Paradis", with individual texts on various topics, and last but not least, Parkett‘s signature artists’ editions.