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An Afternoon with E. C.

  • Author: Marja Bloem
  • Artist: Enzo Cucchi
  • Section: Collaboration

The History of Art—Dead or Alive?

  • Author: Oskar Bätschmann
  • Artist: (Hans) (Belting)
  • Section: Miscellaneous / Varia

Christian Dior—Sculpteur. A Hymn

  • Author: Dieter Meier
  • Artist: Christian Dior
  • Section: Miscellaneous / Varia

In the Strangeness of Their World. Observations to the Film “The World of Gilb…

  • Author: Patrick Frey
  • Artist: Gilbert & George
  • Section: Miscellaneous / Varia

Dance about Dance about Me about Us. The American Dance Performer Dana Reitz

  • Author: Jacqueline Burckhardt
  • Artist: Dana Reitz
  • Section: Miscellaneous / Varia

Vivian Suter

  • Author: Theodora Vischer
  • Artist: Vivian Suter
  • Section: Miscellaneous / Varia

Mondrian's Goldfish

  • Author: Peter Suter
  • Artist: Theo Modespacher
  • Section: Balkon

A Trip to Genoa. On Meret Oppenheim’s 70th Birthday (October 6, 1983)

  • Author: Johannes Gachnang
  • Artist: Meret Oppenheim
  • Section: Les Infos du Paradis


  • Author: Barbara Kruger / Gianfranco Verna
  • Artist: Roger Spottiswood

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